This is a high-level overview of our Referral Partner Program policies.

Applicants in the RPP agree:

To remain an active subscriber

  • It is necessary for people referring FLFE to have an up-to-date experience of FLFE as it continues to evolve.
  • If your personal subscription(s) are cancelled, rewards (commission payments) will cease.
  • Any amount that you have accrued will be forfeited if you decide not to renew your subscription within 30 days.

To regularly promote and advertise FLFE to your contacts

  • You will include us in your campaign and correspondences.
  • Participation in the FLFE RPP includes adherence to our pre-launch protocol prior to launching your first campaign:
    • You will include an FLFE banner on your website.
    • You will have a dedicated FLFE landing page.
    • You will do a brief interview with co-founders Jeffery and Clayten and provide the link on your website.
    • You will include your personal testimony as part of your communication with your followers.
  • If you take the FLFE banner off your website, stop promoting FLFE, or the number of your referrals drops below 20, rewards (commission payments) will cease and your participation in the RPP will be revaluated.

A PayPal account is required

The FLFE RPP support team agrees:

To pay you a reward (commission payment) of 20% on ongoing referred subscriptions after you have received a minimum of 100 referrals.

On a schedule of payments.

  • Reward payments will be transferred to your PayPal account by the end of the FOLLOWING month in which they are earned. Example: Payment is made late February for your subscribed referrals in January.

To provide in-house support:

  • Acceptance into the program means you are willing to work with our RPP team. We will support you as needed in implementing the pre-launch protocol, as well as provide continued support during your tenure as an RP. Launch support includes:
    • Access to your referral hub
    • Unique referral links
    • Approved website banners
    • Statistics on your link clicks
    • Current and historical reward ledgers
    • Access to the RP training center
    • Support from our staff on the RPP team to set up the pre-launch protocol, help with writing copy, and more.


You are responsible for your referrals, and therefore you should be attentive to your RP ledger (In your Referral Partner Control Panel). If you do not see someone whom you have referred on your RP Ledger, you must advise the FLFE Referral Partner Manager within 30 days of the referral. After the 30 day grace period, we will not go back and adjust the referral.

Commissions will be paid after the RP receives 20 referrals and then when the amount due is $100 or more. Commissions under $100/month will accumulate and be paid during the regularly scheduled payout date after the $100 threshold is reached.

We remain transparent, especially in the first 90 days of your tenure or during an extremely active period, and will provide support to look up contacts to see if an identified person has subscribed.


You are responsible for the confidentiality of your User ID and Password and all the activities that occur under this personal information. You can log in at any time to view your current accumulated rewards and historical payments by clicking the “Referral Partners” menu choice from any page on our website, then clicking “Referral Partner Login” and entering your login credentials.


Very important: In order to qualify for rewards, your referrals must click on your linking code(s). Any other method will not generate rewards. We are committed to maintaining a high level of consciousness and integrity associated with the FLFE service. If we notice content published by you that is not consistent with the level of consciousness represented by FLFE, we will ask you to change or remove it. Prompt compliance is required as a condition of ongoing participation in the program.