Let’s work together to create your path to success as an FLFE Referral Partner.

We’ve noticed a simple formula over the years that leads to success for our referral partners:

  1. Create a personal landing page linked to your website. Make and host it yourself, or have us take care of it.

2. Share your personal testimony and experience of FLFE on your landing page.

3. Send a launch email to your community.

4. We may reach out to some Referral Partners to interview FLFE founders Jeffery and Clayten to put on your landing page and send out to your community.

5. Include an FLFE banner in your cyclical email contact like newsletters etc.

Your Referral Partner Resource Portal has everything you need including:

  • Links with your referral code — that’s how we track your referrals.
  • Images and email templates to help you share FLFE.

Promotional Videos to Share With Your Community

Click here for promotional videos.

Image of Different Promotional Videos

Images and Banners

Click for images and banners to use on your website, newsletters, and more.

Social Media Posts

Click for images and sample text for Social Media posts.

Example Landing Pages

Here are some great examples of landing pages created by a few of our awesome partners:

Alyssa Malehorn
Emma Dunwoody
Anjie Hipple
Emily Aarons
Regina Meredith
Melissa Feick
Ada Porat

We can also create and host a landing page for you that sits on your website such as we did for these incredible partners:

Mel Hostalrich
Luke Storey
Claudia Granger

Videos – How to use this Portal

Contact Us:

Reach out to us if you’d like specific support in writing email drafts on particular topics, graphics with your design aesthetic, and any questions you may have.

Questions about the Referral Partner Program, monthly commission payments, or to set up interviews with the co-founders:

Monica Karaba
Partnerships Manager
Toll-free in US & Canada: 1.888.610.3533 Ext 116
International: 1.250.352.9909
Direct Line: 778.463.5168

Support with your personal subscriptions:

Lori Simon
Senior Customer Relationship Service Specialist
Toll-free in US & Canada: 1.888.610.3533 Ext. 107
International: 1.250.352.9909
Direct Line: 778.463.5150

Support with setting up a landing page or other marketing support:

Zan Comerford
Marketing Director
Tel: 1-250-777-1109

Referral Partner Program Policies and Agreement

Click here for the Referral Partner Program Policies. If you’re a FLFE Referral Partner, here are the terms and conditions that you’ve agreed to.

T: 250-352-9909 Toll-free US & Canada: 1-888-610-3533 Email: contact@flfe.net